How Does This Work?

How to Present a HealthInservice Staff Training

Pick an Inservice

Staff take online or paper quiz during inservice.

Play the 1 hour long Narrated Powerpoint Video. If you can show a You Tube video, you can show a HealthInservice training video.

At various spots in the presentation, the video will pause and show a multiple choice question about something that was just discussed.

Staff can answer the question on a smartphone or other wifi connected device

OR you can go old school and print out a quiz on a piece of paper

At any time after the training, you can access a report showing who completed the training and when.

You can purchase Single Inservices for

$49.99 each

(Available for 1 Year from the Date of Purchase)


Access to as many Inservices as you want at any time for 1 Year from the Date of Purchase